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Across Canada in a Motorhome

By keef and annie hellinger, Sep 21 2015 09:44AM

We have now proudly crossed canada from vancouver island through every province (excluding Yukon,Nunavut and North West Territories - we will be back ;) ) by motorhome by combining our 1999 & 2010 trips.

See the full details here but as a summary here are the slideshow of photos.

Anyone else done the same? Let us know would be great to hear about your experiences here!

We travelled right across Canada TICK ;)
We travelled right across Canada TICK ;)

Sep 21 2015 10:00AM by annie

what a lovely time we had as well, totally recommended

Sep 21 2015 10:04AM by keefhellinger

agreed it was a fab time, thx for feedback

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