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WIP: currently using KHWD owned secure URL and Domain but can easily be swapped WIP July 2022 a secure URL & domain, however any new name can be purchased and tailored to the site content. See KHWD's quotes

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Site started the same time we bought our Autosleeper 2012

From 7th December 2021 Yell who own both Moonfruit and WIX are stopping the Moonfruit editor for ALL websites and slowly (very slowly let me tell you!) migrating all Moonfruit sites over to WIX for hosting and editing so that by February 2022 they can close down Moonfruit as a business. Sadly this necessitates me re envisioning all my websites, maybe on reflection it is an opportunity. Anyhow as all blogs have been deleted in the migration process I have taken the bull by the horns and created a new motorhome-travels blog for your "delight & delectation" published as where necessary all pages on this old site are either directly linked to the new Blog site and / or 301 redirected to maintain SEO and a link will be available on the customised 404 page to click to go to the replacement of the old pages you knew and loved (ok maybe ;) )

So here we go, thanks for visiting the motorhome-travels blog for all your hints & tips, info on campsites and motorhome travels

email : phone 07843962729 (+44 from outside the UK) Site created by KeefH Web Designs, Please help me out by taking my KHWD Survey, less than 1 min to complete, thanks in advance, appreciated 


My old holiday sites are replaced by new Blogs with menus and they will all die when their respective URL subscriptions expire, they are listed here for prosperity & memorabilia with their replacement Blogs alongside. SEO handled by 301 redirects. #sadly

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