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Blog 91 - Autosleepers Owners Club Forum

By keef and annie hellinger, Sep 18 2015 06:41AM

Why not join if you have an autosleeper like we do. It is a very helpful forum for getting help and advice i.e I am after putting in LED bulbs in place of our current 'hot' halogen bulbs and probably adding an additional double plug socket with USB chargers.

There is a wealth of help and advice out there and fellow model owners are happy to share their experience and some of the pitfalls so you don't make the same mistakes.

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Click HERE for registration link, thanks

Jul 23 2018 08:40PM by Joy Atkins

Just bought Peugeot boxer 2 berth!

Jul 24 2018 06:31AM by keef hellinger

xclent - which autosleeper type?

Aug 6 2018 04:38PM by Rois Gallen

I'm hoping you can help me with a query! I own an Auto-sleeper Executive 2005 and when I'm not hooked up, am unable to use the lights etc My leisure battery shows full so I'm thinking a fuse may have gone. Problem is I can't locate the fuse box. Found the two for the cab on either side of the dash. Can you help? Thank you! Roisin Gallen

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