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By keef and annie hellinger, Jul 15 2016 02:36PM

We have now been to North Island three times and South Island twice on our 2007/8, 2013 and 2017 trips. We camped under canvas in 2007/8 for 55 days plus used motels / car but are probably a little too old now for tenting so in 2013 & 2017 used a Britz hired motorhome.

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By keef and annie hellinger, Jul 11 2016 01:08PM

Motorhome trip No27 : May 8th- July 8th 2016

NOTTS->Scandinavia ->NOTTS 6140 miles

Longest trip so far in our lovely Wendy house of a van, she “dun great” the whole trip…. Up hill, down dale and along the flat!

10 ferries, numerous islands, bridges and tunnels, 61 days, 6 countries, from the fjords to the Russian border, 44 campsites, 6140 miles and a few tanks of diesel – what a fabulous experience, feel like we have experienced & learnt so much plus I think I can prove I’m related to that great Viking – Harald Bluetooth, he of the rune symbols that all later day geeks know ;)

Holland, North Germany, Denmark (all 3 parts – Jutland, Funen & Zealand), Sweden as high up as the lake district, Finland across the southern end and Norway as high up as Trondheim. It was such a wonderful opportunity, such a shame that the UK no longer runs ANY ferries to Scandinavia, we only met 4 other Brits in the whole 2 months and 2 of them were from Oz!. Because of the driving distances it is unlikely we will be able to return in the van as Scandinavia is awe-inspiring for scenery, culture and people.

Anyhow we loved it, and we want to share some of that with you. Feel free to let us know if you have been and what you thought of it, thanks.

See calendars below for where we were when and there is a slideshow of all the campsites day by day.

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We spent 15 days in Denmark, 14 days in Sweden, 10 days in Norway, 6 days in Finland and 10, 5 and 1 days in Holland, Germany and UK respectively getting there

Highlights is tricky as there we so many but if pushed I would list Hallingskarvet National Park in Norway,the fjords of Norway, the Lake District of Sweden, Langeland Island & Kronborg Castle (Helsingor) Denmark and the ferry crossing to Finland (Kappelskar to Nanntali)

Lowlights not many but prices and trying to find the campsite in Delft (low bridge)

Our Complete Route
Our Complete Route

turned around at the last moment, luckily
turned around at the last moment, luckily

By keef and annie hellinger, Apr 14 2016 08:08AM

Motorhome trip No26 : April 11th- 13th 2016

NOTTS->Harbury, Warwickshire plus Royal Leamington Spa & Kenilworth Castle ->NOTTS 134 miles

Having had the van serviced, both habitation and engine, we were keen to try it out locally for a few days to ensure everything was working perfectly in readiness for more major excursions.

So we chose a local one a Caravan club affiliated site at Harbury Fields Farm, not far from Leamington Spa. A lovely site that we would definitely recommend right in the middle of a working farm which does both arable and livestock and at lambing season is a must. They are so gorgeous. The owners are very friendly and told us they started the site as a CL 13 years ago then added one field and now 1.5 years ago added another field. There are 3 amenities block and they cater for the disabled camper. All in all a fab site and great 360 degree views from our motorhome. Free wifi in the reception area and good phone reception across the site.

The 1st day the weather wasn’t great so after a brisk walk around the farm to see the lambs we settled down to reading, crochet and hippy music listening (Cat Stevens and Pink Floyd). It bucketed down.

The next day was much better and we walked down the farm drive and caught the bus into Royal Leamington spa, rather conveniently the bus stops right outside the farm entrance. Had a lovely day in town, fab architecture, great gardens and free exhibitions in the pump and spa rooms, sadly they no longer exist but the remaining hamman spa is very interesting. We had lunch and a drink in the Weatherspoons in town but food wise one would be spoilt for choice.

Again it poured down over night but no problems for the van.

The next day we packed up after a nice brekkie of warmed ciabatta and set off for Kenilworth castle. A wonderful place with much history including even Robert Dudley’s attempts to marry the ‘virgin’ queen. Spent a pleasant 3 hours here and then headed off back home, arriving back about 3.30 pm

A great short break which I would thoroughly recommend.

Want to see the SLIDESHOWS

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