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By keef and annie hellinger, Feb 20 2015 12:43PM

This is a retrospective post as have been digitising old photographs.

We travelled around Florida NOT in a motorhome this time but heaven forbid in a car, sacriledge to us motorhomers / RV-ers/ campervanners but there you go it was in a time BM (before motorhoming).

Starting in Orlando we stayed in Kissimmee (nice pool at Villas @ Somerset) visited Disney World a few times, the kids were young, then travelled across the sunshine superhughway bridge to Tampa, St Pete's & Clearwater beaches, Busch gardens, Sanibel, Venice, Melbourne beach etc down the west coast of Florida across the Everglades, thru all the Keys, Marathon, Marine park at Bahia Honda, stayed at Key West, 1930s hotel, sunsets, Hemmingways Sloppy Joes, Key Largo then up to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Cocoa beach, Kennedy Space Station narrowly missing the next shuttle take off by 1 day (Discovery) and then back to Orlando to fly back. Fab times.

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Enjoy - have you done this trip or something similar, let us know about it here, thanks! Would definately do it in an RV or 5 wheeler next time, gives one so much more freedom.

Want to see the SLIDESHOWS

By keef and annie hellinger, Feb 20 2015 12:04PM

This is a retrospective post as have been digitising old photographs.

We travelled around British Columbia in a motorhome starting in Vancouver, then Vancouver island including especially whale watching at Tofino, a fab pod of killer whales that hadn't been seen for over a month, guess we were just lucky, then up to Port Hardy to catch the ferry to travel the inside passge up to Prince Rupert, a magical journey.

We then headed across to Prince George, down highway 97 into Kamloops and saw our dear friends David & Cathy and family in Edmonton before finsihing up in Vancouver again to give the van back and fly back home. A nice trip, lots of miles , fabulous scenery and a great little van.

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Enjoy - have you done this trip or something similar, let us know about it here, thanks!


View of moraine on Columbia Icefield NP
View of moraine on Columbia Icefield NP

By keef and annie hellinger, Feb 4 2015 11:07AM

Nothing really to do with Motorhoming apart from the fact that quite a few of these quality beers were supped by my good self under canvas and probably in a motorhome during our 1999 travels of British Columbia in Canada, and other holiday experiences.

I have been collecting these in picture frames on my wall for a number of years and have now decided to digitise them. Prior to the picture frame era they were just bottles displayed around our kitchen and other rooms, Annie said it was either me or them that had to go ;) so they were condensed into picture frames, could not afford the extension to house them!

See how many you know or have drunk. Some are tributes to the elections way back when how sad and some show some of the history of that era in the UK i.e Viz magazine, 3 lions england 96 euro football etc etc

ENJOY! If you wish to see the SLIDESHOW

my beer labels collected over a long period
my beer labels collected over a long period

By keef and annie hellinger, Jan 16 2015 10:25AM

Not The Motorhome trip No4 : December 11th 2014 – January 12th 2015

NOTTS->SINGAPORE->NOTTS c 14,000 miles

Didn’t take the motor home as the drive to Singapore is either via the top of Russia or thru the middle east countries of Iraq & Iran , neither of which to be honest Annie nor I are keen to do although I’m sure the motorhome would make it.

33 days spent visiting family, our son and his wife and new granddaughter , Charlie #bestlookingirlinsingapore for Xmas and New Year. We had a lovely time and enjoyed every moment of it. Slightly cooler around Xmas and New Year as opposed to when we went last time April/ May although as Singapore is on the Equator it is never cool and the humidity is the sapper of one’s energy.

Left on a 13.5 hour night flight from Heathrow via Singapore airlines, cattle class but managed 3 movies and possibly 2 hours tops sleep oh and the odd sling!. Took a few days for us both to get over the jet lag but seeing the family “Singapore branch” certainly helps

Take a look at some of the pictures and videos to get a feel, but highlights are Charlie, Pensioner swimming at Geylang, experience all the diverse food available (including Malay, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh, Pork escalope, Fish cheeks, Tapas, Waggu beef, Donkey skin, Cows intestines, Green frog HELP did I really eat those last 3 ;) ), Singapore Flyer, Da Vinci Exhibition at Artscience museum, seeing Doug & Phoenix, Night Safari, Yuzu, Mustafa’s emporium and samosa’s, MRT, Orchard Road, Hard Rock café, Muddy Murphies, wine from China, Singaporean building cleaning and painting, Queues at Postoffices, DJ’s fruit and veg, Malay barber, Stadium, Serangoon, BBQ at Sims ville, old chop houses, Clarke Quay walk, Vida vino & Japanese BBQ restuarants, Chimjes, Slings in Raffles, peanuts on floor, Fair Trade (Price) Xtra, Cold storage, rip off in Raffles place, Hobbit3 with subtitles, candy crush players, air con….and Charlie!

Left 6.30am by comfort taxis to Changi and 15hr flight on the way back, watched 4 movies the best of which was “what we did on our hols” with the Big Yin & Dr Who! Had more slings and ½ hour max kip. Wet,wet,wet all the way back in hire car and crashed out about 9.30pm after 24hrs+ travelling, tired but happy.

Looking forward to the next trip in 2015, which will be in the motorhome!

Anyone ever taken a motorhome to South East Asia? If so let us know here on the blog, we would love to know. Leave a comment on this blog and we will get back to you, regards Keef & Annie


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303 pictures in the SLIDESHOW , plus you can see video of Charlie and our other family fun, including the museum etc

Note since this family time spanned 2014/2015 the slideshow and video are repeated under both years

By keef and annie hellinger, Oct 18 2014 05:58PM

It Pidley-ed down again – Deja Vu

Stroud Hill Park,Pidley, Cambs

Motorhome trip No20 : October 11th – 12th 2014


Definitely Déjà vu, same weekend as last year, same torrential downpour only this time we were out for a walk in it, no coats only small brollies. We ended up like wicks, the water slowly rising up thru our clothing to our necks. Tried drying stuff out in the van with the fire on. Didn’t really work sadly

We have now been here 3 times with our dear friends Pete & Joy, once in tents once in the motor homes. We travelled early on Saturday morning and arrived at the site as Keef was back at work again and P&J couldn’t travel until Saturday. We more or less arrived at the same time. The site was packed as a caravan rally was on for the weekend.

Had a lovely cheese, bikkies and wine lunch then headed out for a walk to Somersham, didn’t get very far because of the downpour.

Had our evening meal in the restaurant downstairs pea and mint soup, rack of lamb and salted caramel torte all washed down with a nice prosecco. Annie had the wild mushroom tagliatelle, Pete game pie and Joy plaice.

It was indeed a bit of a foodies weekend interspersed with lovely conversation a bit of reading TV fixing (failed) and calor gas bottle checking. Breakfast was croissant with fresh coffee and blueberry preserve. Lunch mostly trad roast beefs with the biggest Yorkshires I have seen for quite a while.

The site is nice and quiet good facilities and the restaurant and bar on site make it a must hence we have been back 3 times now!

Then after our goodbyes it was off about 2.30 pm and back home, not too bad at just over 1 ½ hours.

All in all a fab relaxing weekend again! Looking forward to the next time we are there.

20 pictures in the SLIDESHOW

Sunday lunch in the barn restaurant, yummy
Sunday lunch in the barn restaurant, yummy