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Blog 151 - Images from Blogs 68-145 "recovered"

by keef & annie hellinger 20 Feb 2021, 9.24 am

Technically speaking Flash vanished at the end of 2020 at least for Google & Microsoft browsers, moonfruit have found a clever way around this via Firefox so I've been able to copy back all my hidden images, so I'm very pleased with that. I've managed to put all the images that are associated with that middle set of older blogs (i.e 68-145) into a batch of slideshows. They are also available via each of the those blogs directly from the indexes in the dropdown above. If you wish to look at the full picture slideshows, plus each individual batch of earlier blogs images and the rest for 2021 including a whole stack of lockdown picture quizzes to keep you amused, with answers all on this website, please click HERE.

Thanks for looking, folks.

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