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We have been doing family tree research for over 30 years now using a mixture of Ancestry, Family Search & Find my Past for research as well as the obvious family members and folk found from around the world. Initially started after we found Anne's mums early research which inspired us on and wetted our appetite to find out "where we came from". In the very early days we used all the available boards via Roots and Rootsweb plus (at the time) Compuserve Genealogy who provided guidance and research tools. It is definately a labour of love and very rewarding to establish where one has come from and what those influences are. In later days Ancestry DNA has also helped in widening that research. To record our "info" we use Family Tree Maker software but there are many available tools. It is now owned by MacKiev Software but when we started back in those heady days it was owned by Broderband, we started with their version 2. For a lot of its time it was owned by Ancestry until they abandoned it leaving many of us long term researchers in the lurch until strong protest ensure an owner was found which is where we are today. There is a developing online companion to FTM2019 software called FTM Connect which replicates many of the saliant facts in the cloud under a Tree vault, it is available for both iOS & Android and will only get better and fuller datawise with time, maybe take a look yourselves. Here I am posting some of the headlines from our tree (some 44GB in size as at Jan21) for our immediate family . We also use a generic Family Tree group or two on Facebook, these both help with hints and tips both on the software and research. We also use Family Book Creator and Charting Companion software which dovetail into FTM2019 to present stuff in a much more digestable and visually appealing way. Maybe take a look. We really enjoy the challenges and learning it brings, i.e the surname "cheeseman" came from the obvious village profession.

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Shows slideshows from our family research. Major travel / blog pictures can be seen via the dropdown index. If you wish to see any of our other travels they can be accessed via the pictures at the top of the HOME page where you can see our various travels to the Southern Hemisphere, Canada, the States, France, Scandinavia, Eire, Our ruby Wedding Anniversary cruise, Singapore & China and family fun via the FAMILY button. Hope you enjoy, best wishes Write ups for these are under the appropriate blogs. All of the slideshows featured here are from HELLINGER - JONES genealogy work Recently I went into a drawer that probably hasn't seen the light of day for over 10 years and found a whole stack of DVDs with family images on. I will try and post them here once I have managed to process them , what a challenge, will definitely keep me off the streets UPDATE fixed very old DVD player, able to capture menus , see below, full detail available from us on both our cloud based solutions for genealogy i.e Ancestry and now MacKiev's Family Tree Maker FTM Connect plus held locally our 30+ years of research on MacKiev's FTM family tree software database, ask for a guest invite, kind regards, us , we will consider all applications just mail me at [email protected] , thanks x To set your expectations however as our research is private we may reject your application, long lost relatives we clearly won't ;)


I have finally managed to repair my old DVD player, the only one that will play these c 2010 constructed family DVDs and used some software (honestech) to capture them onto my laptop. Needless to say all I have done is captured the "chapter" screens as they are quite long. There are 9 DVDs starting back in 1987 the last of which is a "genealogy" one showing various immediate ancestor generations. The full underlying videos and slideshows are available in the Family Tree database, yes all 44GBs as at Jan 2021.

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