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40th (Ruby) Wedding Anniversary Cruise

Storm Riley - Atlantic Crossing - 10 Days

DAYS 26-36 March 2nd - 12th 2018 Across the Atlantic under the eye of Storm Riley

It was our 40th Wedding Anniversary treat, what you might call our Ruby cruise! The captain got us back on board 3 hours early in Charleston and set our expectations that we would have to try and skirt around the botton of storm riley be going 200+ miles south of Bermuda (and the triangle *smile*) , and as we would have to do many more miles it was unlikely we would land in the Azores, so 10 days at sea. The reality was that the Azores were out of the question, if we had gone thru the eye of the storm there would have been 11 meter high waves and we would not survive, so well done Capt. Howard a good call. As it was the banging and cracking of the ship in 8m high waves was enough, many many passengers were sea sick, we even had to medivac an ill patient by helicopter in 60+ mile winds. The video will enable you to hear what felt like a sledgehammer cracking against metal nearly every 10 minutes 24*7. We ahd various different answers for this 1) twisting deck metal 2) Issue with the bulkhead 3) Damaged stabaliser 4) The captain told us one of the stabalisers was sticking and making the noise. Whatever the cause, and we have written to P&O, there is currently no answer but it did put a dampener on the end of the cruise. Ventura was going into dry dock in Brest to "be sorted". Anyhow we were just happy to get back to Southampton, but it didn't curtain our fun and with caste iron stomachs we kept all the luxury food down *smile* If you would like to read the detailed BLOG of the trip including the Captain's log please CLICK HERE

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